How to write a division word problem with fractions

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Long Division Word Problems

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Problem solving and word problem resources online

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Dividing fractions word problems

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Kidspiration Lesson Plan: Adding Fractions With Unlike Denominators

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Understanding division of fractions

And let me plot 8/3. So to do that, I just need to break up each whole into thirds. So let's see. Write a number sentence for this problem _____ 8. Click and Clack decide to take a journey in their classic ’52 MG.

The whole journey is ½ miles long. Learn how to write and solve equations based on Algebra word problems. Math Crush offers printable worksheets and help pages to guide and motivate students to a better understanding of mathematics.

We also offer books, videos, and our world famous art pages. Our staff has over 40 years experience in the math field. As teachers, we are constantly modifying our lessons so children can comprehend what their books are trying to teach them.

DIVIDING FRACTIONS (Partitive Division - advanced) NAME _____ DATE _____ 1. Four brothers inherit 30 ½ acres of land altogether.

They decide to share it equally. How much land does each brother get? Write a word problem for each number sentence below and solve it with a drawing. Make arrays out of household items (e.g., pennies, beans, blocks) Determine how many items are on each row; Select multiplication or division facts to illustrate or write a word problem.

How to write a division word problem with fractions
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