Narratives of television fictional text adjust to suite viewers needs

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Entertainment Studies 2015 Abstracts

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The Mindy Project proves that functional romance has a place on TV

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How to Adjust Your Expectations

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Narratives exist in both fiction and nonfiction stories and, as is relevant to this study, narratives are also found in local television news. News, as a form of communication, serves two functions in society: (1) to transmit information and (2) to tell us more about who we are as a society (Carey, ).

The social and political consequences of re-enactments are similarly made evident in Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Act of Killing,” in which two perpetrators of mass executions in Indonesia took pride in rehearsing and staging glamorous versions of their crimes.

Suite #, Los Angeles, CA ([email protected]). Shanto Iyengar is Professor of panded the concept to embrace "narrative" or text-based scripts which appear in fiction, humor, advertising and, of particular interest to us, television news reports (see not need to.

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Narratives of television fictional text adjust to suite viewers needs
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